Wheel Balancing

How can I benefit from Wheel Balancing?

A&A Tyres Cardiff use the latest in tyre balancing equiptment Going far beyond the traditional functions of a wheel balancer…The GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tyre forces and provides instructions for solving ride and handling problems that other balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix

Solves Vibration Problems

Detects non-balance, radial force-related problems associated with:

  • Tyre uniformity.Tyre and rim runout.
  • Wheel-to-balancer mounting error.
  • Improper bead seating of tyre to rim.

Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems We can measure lateral tyre force then apply that information to a set of tyres, providing multiple placement choices to eliminate or minimize pull problems.

Dramatically Improves

Ride Quality Duplicates vibration measurement and tyre/wheel matching methods previously used only by vehicle manufacturers to provide that "new car ride." A&A Tyres only uses the state of the art balancing systems ensuring you get the highest standard available.

Benefits of the GSP9700’s Three-In-One Diagnostic Repair Capability:

Solves Vibration Problems Balancers Won’t Fix

Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems

Hunter’s exclusive Road Force Measurement® System simulates a road test to identify radial force vibration and pull* p

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