Firestone Tyres

With a history of innovation spanning over 100 years, Firestone is a trusted brand that has stood the test of time. Today, Firestone continues to inspire generations of drivers both on and off the track with an advanced range of tyres built for safety, reliability and value for money; tyres that not only honour Firestone’s proud heritage but also its vision for the future. The Firestone story continues, together…


Firehawk SZ90μ


Whatever your goal, whatever your destination, Firestone has been there for people on the move for over a century. Today the story continues with Firestone’s Firehawk SZ90μ. Offering superb handling and reliable all-surface grip, this genuine performer lets you experience the fun and excitement of driving like never before.

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Firehawk SZ90μ RFT


Let nothing stand in your way. Not even a flat tyre! The all-new Firehawk SZ90μ RFT gives you the fun of optimum performance combined with the added safety, freedom and peace-of-mind of a tyre with Run-Flat Technology. The tyre’s reinforced sidewall supports the weight of your car, even in the event of a sudden loss of pressure, for maximum stability and control.

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Since its earliest beginnings, Firestone has always been there to help carry your dreams across the line. Today Firestone continues to move the world safely and reliably with the Firestone TZ300α. Offering outstanding performance and durability, this genuine all-rounder gives you the freedom to follow your own dreams, wherever they may lead. The legend lives on at Firestone…

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Good times. Great places. And you’re feeling good. You know the sheer pleasure of a smooth, relaxing ride, which is why the Multihawk is designed just for you. Combining even greater comfort with excellent handling and durability, the Multihawk really is the perfect all-round performer.Good times. Great places. And you’re feeling good.

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