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My car brakes are making noise

Grinding - As brake pads wear down to the metal calipers, they can grind, resulting in an audible grinding noise. It is likely that the brake disc will also be damaged as a result.

Squealing - Squeaking brakes can be caused by a number of factors. Some pads have wear indicators that squeal when worn, alerting the driver that the brakes need replacing. The brake caliper could be stuck and the brake pads remain partially applied to the disc. In either case, you should have this checked out.

Pulsating - It indicates that the brake disc has warped due to excessive heat if you hear a continuous pulsating when you apply the brakes. When the brake pad contacts the brake disc, there is friction and pulsation because the brake disc is distorted. If this only happens when you apply the brakes firmly, it may be the ABS activating, but if it happens frequently, you should have it checked out.

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