Specialist tyre changer Cardiff

Car & Van Specialist tyre changer Cardiff

Oversized Tyre Cardiff

Specialist Lever Free Tyre Fitting Machine, for Specialist fitting equipment

The Hoffman Monty 8800s Tyre Changer is the ultimate lever-less machine with a massive 34" rim clamping capacity. The Monty is an ideal machine for changing the toughest of tyres including Run-Flats

As a result the oxygen slowly leaks out through the rubber walls which lead to under-inflation.
This in turn leads to higher tyre wears, decreased safety and comfort, and higher fuel costs. In addition, compressed air contains high levels of moisture, which can accelerate the corrosion of the tyre rim.

Fits between the tyre and rim and takes hold of the bead, gradually lifting it without the aid of bead-lifter levers.Made from scratch-proof material, it eliminates all risk of damage to the rim and allows operation close to the edge (zero-stress effect).

The bottom tool works on the second bead, lifting it and removing the tyre from the rim. Also used for mounting

DIAMETER CHECKING IN A SINGLE MOVE Pneumatic, synchronised adjustment of the four arms to suit the wheel diameter.The laser direction pointer shows the operator the correct bead breaking position.